Large Animals

Equine Dentistry

Specialist equine dentist available Dr Stuart Brown

Equine Pre Purchase Examination

Equine performance vets available for Pre Purchase Examinations

Branding or Microchipping

Freezing branding, ear tagging, microchipping, Australian Stud Book work

Equine Reproduction

We specialise in all aspects of equine reproduction, including frozen AI, chilled AI, assisted breeding, stallion evaluation, mare management, embryo transfer, dystocia and foal management


Gelding, hernia repair, periosteal strip, correction work, general surgery work

Farm Animals

Cattle work, sheep, all aspects of reproduction work


We offer a large amount of services for horses, from ambulatory work through to stables and equine surgery facilities at the clinic. Most of our vets are available to treat your horses, anything you need from general consultations, surgery, equine reproduction, equine pre purchase exams and much more

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